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March 04 2018

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Mallers in Geminate
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January 26 2018

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January 18 2018

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January 17 2018

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Schiffsklassen mit Waffengrößen
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December 31 2017

BjornBee, everyone. Bjorn is an enthusiastic fleet commander who likes to fly with newbs and strangers. i dont like the american command style, meaning repeat everything till everyones ears bleeding. 
In this video his fleet ambushes a pve fleet and slaughters what he can get. I love these instant mood changes, from nothing happens and you have to maintain awareness to being a frenzy fox in a henhouse killing spree.
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November 10 2017

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today i exceeded 20 billion in trade assets.
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November 01 2017

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how i did it
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October 12 2017

October 07 2017

Fucking Delve.

October 03 2017

@regcord there is no wrong decision, since you can do anything at full account. its just how hard is your start.
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